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No one shares the stoke quite like The AAC!!!

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with the coolest Media + Marketing team on the planet!

#trashtag was created by our founder, Steven Reinhold, while on a road trip out west with confidant, Heyward Smith, in the summer of 2015. After a receipt flew out of their truck window Steven vowed to pick up 100 pieces of trash during the rest of the trip. During that original cleanup effort the idea for #trashtag was born. The movement grew organically in the outdoor industry before going viral in 2019. It has since been utilized in cleanups around the world and 

#trashtag has received 100+ Million 

hits across social media!!!   

Food for Adventures was cooked up by Lee and Meghan Trebotich. They specialize in nutritional guidance for outdoor athletes, educational experiences for everyone and manufacturing specialty camp kitchen gear. We love to eat well on our adventures and we love capturing Food for Adventures story! We are amplifying that story to the world through the creation of engaging content and implementation of creative marketing strategies!  

The 2022 Outdoor Economy Conference in Cherokee, NC was the east coast event of the year and we were there to capture every minute of it! We worked closely with Made X Mtns to share Western North Carolina's unbridled stoke for the outdoor industry with the rest of the world. From traditional Cherokee dances to craft beer celebrations and giant gear raffles, we were there to cover it all. We had an amazing canvas to work with but we must admit that an outdoor conference has never looked so cool and inviting!   

From Hawaii, to Jamaica, to Mexico

Vapor Elemental Wear goes where we go! Our continued partnership with Vapor Apparel has not only helped support our wanderlust but has actively protected us from exposure to the sun. We've kicked

it on the beach all day long, we've paddled and swam

in the Caribbean and we've reached new heights, 18,491' to be exact, in their recycled, 50+ UPF gear. 

Our experiential content efforts have broadened their customer's horizons and helped bring

Vapor Elemental's products to light in the mountaineering and hiking communities!  

Adventure Philanthropy is an incredible lens to see the world through and this particular trip to Nepal was fully formative for Steven Reinhold and Lee Trebotich. In 2019 they led a group of 10 Backpacker Magazine readers through a week-long disaster relief effort with All Hands And Hearts. After they helped rebuild a school outside of Kathmandu which was devastated by earthquakes in 2015, Lee and Steven helped guide their group on a ten day adventure on the rarely visited Nar Phu Trek off the Annapurna Circuit. The highlight of their trip was celebrating with a group of smiling students after delivering a 70L backpack full of Luci Lights!!! 

Ibex Wool makes some of the finest garments on the planet. They have a unique way of blending together fibers which makes their whole wardrobe greater than the sum of its parts. In 2022 we tested Ibex's brand-new Wool Aire Hoodie along with their classic base layers while climbing Mexico's highest peak -- 18,491 foot-high Pico de Orizaba. We captured the climb, fully immersed ourselves in the cultural experience and even made fast-friends with a few of the brightest stars in Mexico's climbing community! We collaborated with Ibex's team to recap the experience with an entry into Ibex's Bellwether Journal entitled, Reaching the Peak 

Limmer -10.jpg

Media + Marketing

What the
outdoor industry
has to say about #TheAAC 

Jon Dorn from Outside Inc.

Jon Dorn, VP/GM
Outdoor Group at Outside Inc.

Steven knows his stuff when it comes to wilderness adventure and safe travel in the backcountry. But what makes being around him truly special is his warmth, generosity, and amazing spirit of sustainable living. When you hike with The AAC, you will learn, laugh, and leave the trail cleaner than you found it.

Kristin Hostetter from Outside Inc.

Kristin Hostetter
Head of Sustainability at Outside Inc.


Steven is exactly the kind of guy you'd want to hit the trail with, he's a natural connector of people and brings out the best in those around him. I've been personally inspired

by his passion for sustainability and the #trashtag movement he created. One of my favorite hiking days in Nepal with him was our long slow walk out of the Nar Phu Valley, filling a massive garbage bag with litter and talking about our hopes and dreams for the planet.


Lee Trebotich
Founder of Food For Adventures

Working with The AAC has been a unique experience in and of itself. Steven's Southern hospitality is unmatched, and teaming up with another skilled guide makes leading larger groups a breeze. Steven's extensive knowledge of the Appalachian mountains and surrounding communities' history and folklore is truly impressive. I highly recommend The AAC for any future adventure plans that you may have.

Jenna Celmer from Basecamp Outdoors

Jenna Celmer
Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer at Basecamp Outdoors 

Every Interaction with Steven leaves you feeling more capable, resilient, and full of hope than before. He seamlessly blends technical savvy with empathy, and makes people feel seen - the precise type of person you want to spend time around a campfire with. 

Nelson Brown from Ibex Wool

Nelson Brown
Content Manager and Photographer Ibex Wool


The AAC was an absolute pleasure to work with. Lee and Steven are very professional with their communication and ability to deliver on content we agreed on. I highly recommend The AAC for and brands looking for authentic voices and outdoor skilled content creators.

Anrew Lovice from Green Moose Fuel

Andrew Lovice
Founder and Owner
Green Moose Fuel

The folks at The AAC take some amazing photos! They took some great product photos for us in the mountains, and we were really impressed with the quality. They're genuinely amazing people who are passionate about what the do, and we'd work with them again in a heartbeat. 

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