Mission Statement

The Appalachian Adventure Company was founded to share the stoke of adventure while protecting and preserving our planet. 

Four Core Values

We take the lead and find our own route. 

Good instincts are hard-earned and enhanced over time by experience.

We trust our instincts and take the lead in the field and the office.  

Experiences with The AAC will be remembered!

We all have a limited amount of time on this planet and our fondest memories are our lived experiences.

The AAC specializes in curating your most memorable experiences. 

Our network is our net worth.

When it comes to outdoor industry connections and relationships we are beyond fortunate. These relationships are our greatest asset and maintaining them in a mutually beneficial manner is paramount to our success.  

We inspire and empower
people to protect and preserve our planet!

The planet is the tie that binds us. Through our endeavors we strive to inspire and empower others

to protect and preserve our planet through their own actions and platforms. 

Founder + Steward of the Stoke 
Steven Reinhold 

Steven Reinhold is an avid explorer and adventure philanthropist who has pursued his passions around the globe. He created the #trashtag cleanup effort, has represented Big City

Mountaineers' Summit for Someone Program and served as 

Backpacker Magazine's Brand Ambassador. 

Steven founded The Appalachian Adventure Company in 2014 after climbing several of America's most iconic peaks with the industry's leading guide services. On those original expeditions he realized that mountain guides are the coolest people on the planet and that he found his best self while climbing mountains. The AAC was founded to share the stoke of adventure with everyone!  

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First Lady of The AAC and International Adventuress,
Beth Reinhold 

Beth is the baddest Adventuress on the planet! When she's not shining in front of the camera while traveling around the world, Beth runs the behind-the-scenes action at The AAC. She truly is The AAC's better half and excels at creating engaging and joyful content while on her travels. She also specializes in adventurous mysteries and history!  


She has a unique way of capturing the essence of her experiences and enjoying all the little things We're beyond stoked to have Beth

on board with #TheAAC!  

Guiding Guru
+Camp Chef 
Lee Trebotich 

Lee Trebotich is a seasoned adventurer and the proud Founder of Food for Adventures! He's famous for bringing his laid-back vibes, edible and medicinal plant knowledge and adventure inspired recipes with him to camp. He is an award winning gear designer, highly educated herbalist and accomplished mountaineer. 


Lee is currently endeavoring to climb the 7 Summits! 

While on his expeditions he not only climbs with the local communities but intentionally explores their culture through their cuisine. Lee is quite possibly the coolest dude on the planet and we are honored to

have him as our Guiding Guru and Adventure Chef!!!   


Confidant + Curator of Experiences
Heyward Smith 

Heyward Smith has been with us since The AAC was founded in 2014 but years before that he was the founder of our adventurous spirit! He took Steven on his first and most formative backpacking trip, he was riding shotgun when the #trashtag project was born and he inspired us to seek adventure beyond our comfort zone and the borders of the United States. 


Heyward is currently aging like a fine wine while running his family winery, Villa Appalaccia, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd, VA. He has guided many adventures over the years

and now specializes in wining and

dining our guests on our exclusive

Villa Appalaccia Experience!   

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