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Forest Bathing Experience

An Appalachian take on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing)

  • 4 hr
  • $100 Per Person
  • Jackson County|Haywood County|Buncombe County

The Experience

We were designed to live closely with nature but the fast-paced, tech-driven reality of modern life has pulled us far from our roots. Time spent in nature was the driving force behind the creation of The AAC. We find our best selves out in nature and revel in the opportunity to share the restorative properties of nature with others. Forest Bathing stems from the Japanese culture's reverence for nature and their need for an escape from their stress inducing megacities during a tech boom in the 1980's. Their forest service teamed up with their medical community to prescribe time in nature and their research shed light on the power of nature as medicine. Their studies showed that when exposed to the elements, your blood pressure and heart rate drop, your production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are mitigated, your mood and energy levels improve and your immune system is recharged. The practice of forest bathing has always been well received by its close followers but spread in a viral fashion during the pandemic years when record numbers of people sought safe spaces in natural places. We have adapted the Japanese art of forest bathing to fit the canvas of Appalachia because y'all know we're as Appalachian as it gets! On this experience you'll stroll through spruce-fir forests and bathe in their evergreen fragrance, saunter barefoot through lush mountaintop meadows, commune with creeks while relaxing on their banks, listening to their healing sounds and plunging into their refreshing waters. You'll drink ice cold spring water straight from the source and finish up the day with a ceremonial hot beverage of choice. The most common comment we get during these trips is "that was the therapy session I didn't know I needed." Nature is medicine, folks, and we've got the prescription. If you're ready to try out forest bathing to refresh, recharge and reinvigorate your self care routine, we're here for you!

Contact Details

  • 8285086528

  • 8285086528

  • 8285086528

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