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The Appalachian Adventure Company | Our Story

What started as a passion project for one adventurer has transformed into a force for good within the outdoor industry and beyond!

Photo of The AAC Founder and Steward of the Stoke, Steven Reinhold overlooking his childhood home in Appalachia.

“Always take an extra 5 minutes in the pretty places -- when you only have 5 minutes left those will be the moments you remember”

~Steven Reinhold~

In 2012 our founder, Steven Reinhold, started a formative fundraising relationship with a nationwide charity called Big City Mountaineers' and their adventurous fundraising arm known as the Summit for Someone program. While representing the program as an Ambassador Steven would travel around to the most iconic mountains in the American West and climb them for a cause with a dedicated group of fundraisers and the leading guide service at each respective mountain. On those trips Steven quickly realized that mountain guides were the coolest people on the planet and decided to form a guiding service of his own. As a proud Appalachian American, Steven wanted to create a company which represented his roots and celebrated the hills and hollers he called home. Whether he was out on the Appalachian Trail, climbing across the country or adventuring around the world he wanted to represent the best of Appalachia, so he formed The Appalachian Adventure Company, LLC in 2014. After numerous years celebrating our dirtbag endeavors we made a concerted effort to professionalize our efforts in the spring of 2022 and underwent a serious rebranding effort and refocused our energy to further pursue positivity through our endeavors. We have been moving onward and upward ever since and life at #TheAAC has never been better!

Photo of our Lead Guides, Steven Reinhold and Lee Trebotich, lighting up a village and several smiles in Makwanpur, Nepal - 2019

Over the years we have guided a variety of adventures ranging from international expeditions in Nepal and Mexico to fundraising events in Colorado and California. After refocusing our efforts on the Appalachian Mountains in 2022 we launched a series of experiences unique to the area and the outdoor industry including our renown Content Creators Camps, Gramworthy Experiences and Corporate Retreats. Along with those out-of-the-box type experiences we also offer the staples of adventure such as private day and overnight hikes and Appalachian Forest Bathing -- our take on the traditional Japanese practice. Our guests go home with a story to tell and an experience to remember. On our trips we create lasting friendships with our guests as we explore local history, folklore, flora and fauna. There are plenty of tour guides available in the area, but we're as Appalachian as it gets and the only company of our kind on the planet. If you're looking for the coolest day/night/weekend of your life go out and get wild with our guides!

Photo of the crew from our first Content Creators Camp

Outside of our guided offerings we partner with brands and conservation agencies in a media/marketing capacity to create content, drive movements and further their endeavors. In the past, we have partnered with Big City Mountaineers to run unique fundraising experiences and lead wildnerness-mentoring expeditions. We have worked closely with Leave No Trace and Black Folks Camp Too to develop the Unity Blaze which emboldens users to "Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally." We created the #trashtag cleanup effort which went viral in 2019 and has over 120+ million hits online -- our founder also serves on the board of directors for National Cleanup Day which amplifies cleanup efforts around the world! We have volunteered internationally with All Hands and Hearts and Backpacker Magazine for adventure philanthropy expeditions in Nepal. We attended the ground-breaking Hikes for Healing endeavor with Cassius Cash, the legendary Superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and created content from the event. We work closely with MADE X MTNS and Mtn Bizworks to promote the local and outdoor economies of Western North Carolina and our latest passion project is helping our friends from Cherokee restore the original name, Kuwohi, to the highest and most sacred peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

Photos of Adventure Philanthropy moments around the world

Photo of Steven Reinhold watching the sunrise over his childhood home

Regardless of the endeavor one thing is for sure, if we're a part of it we're going to be passionate about it! Our mission is to share the stoke of adventure while protecting and preserving the planet. We are guided by our core values and pride ourselves on being self-examined, intentional and being the only athlete-owned, athlete-operated media/marketing/guiding company on the planet!

Mission Statement The Appalachian Adventure Company was founded to share the stoke of adventure while protecting and preserving our planet.

Four Core Values We take the lead and find our own route. Good instincts are hard-earned and enhanced over time by experience. We trust our instincts and take the lead in the field and the office.

Experiences with The AAC will be remembered! We all have a limited amount of time on this planet and our fondest memories are our lived experiences. The AAC specializes in curating your most memorable experiences. Our network is our net worth. When it comes to outdoor industry connections and relationships we are beyond fortunate. These relationships are our greatest assets and maintaining them in a mutually beneficial manner is paramount to our success.

We inspire and empower people to protect and preserve our planet! The planet is the tie that binds us. Through our endeavors we strive to inspire and empower others to protect and preserve our planet through their own actions and platforms.


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